About me

Love, joy, thirst for adventure, optimism, will to act and many other positives. These are the emotions that have carried me through life. I have tried to pass it all on in my work. It is important for me that my design is based on emotions and expresses exactly the feelings that are important at the moment.

My name is Margit Salk. I have been designing clothes all my life. Since childhood, I have enjoyed dressing myself and others appropriately. In my shop you can find the products that customers love the most over time. Most of these products sold in my online shop are not waiting for customers on the hanger, but are completed after the purchase with the specific customer in mind. I personally check the completion of all my clothes, and I have sewn the clothes myself from end to end. Therefore, it is easy for me to promise you only the highest quality products.

When designing my clothes, I pay attention to different colors, emphasis on contrasts, patterns and the uniqueness of the design. My clients love high-quality clothes that are comfortable to wear and sit well on. Most of my model selection includes dresses and other outerwear for women. From time to time, however, individual products can also be found for men. So it’s worth coming back!

I offer my customers the opportunity to order clothes for special events as well. Whether it is a wedding, anniversary or other important event – we will find a suitable solution. My wish is to bring out the characteristics of each person through clothing. Collaboratively designed clothes are unique and original.

I wish you an exciting exploration!

See you soon!